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Overview of Miner & Silverstein Appraisal Company

The Miner & Silverstein Appraisal Company, now a division of Miner & Silverstein, LLP, was formed September of 1981. The partners are Christopher A. Miner, MAI, and Robert H. Silverstein, MAI, MBA. The firm is engaged in the practice of real estate appraisal, consultation on real estate related matters, marketing consulting for strategic planning and target marketing communications, primary market research, market analysis using primary and secondary data, economic feasibility analysis, land use planning and marketability studies. The Profit Point Target Marketing division was formed to emphasize the firms commitment to market analysis and to expand its market analysis consultancy.

Mr. Miner has been in the real estate business since 1974, and has specialized in appraisal and market research and analysis since the late 1970s. Mr. Silverstein has been in the real estate business since 1975 as a full-time appraiser. Messrs. Miner and Silverstein have both earned the MAI designation of the The Appraisal Institute, the recognized leader in the appraisal profession. Mr. Miner was the 1996 President of the Connecticut Chapter of the Appraisal Institute.

The professional staffing includes the two partners, three residential staff appraisers and three commercial staff appraisers. Both partners and many senior staff appraisers have been qualified as expert witnesses. At least one of the partners has testified before the Superior Courts of the States of Connecticut and New York, Planning and Zoning Commissions, Boards of Tax Appeal in Connecticut and Rhode Island, and before the United States Federal Bankruptcy Court.

Both partners have long-term contacts in the state, and have developed good relationships in the real estate community. Both partners were adjunct faculty members of the University of Connecticut: Mr. Miner as an instructor of Appraisals II and III (income property appraisal courses) and Investment Analysis; Mr. Silverstein as an instructor of Appraisal I (residential appraisal) and II. Mr. Miner has taught Courses 101, 102, 120, and 210, for the Appraisal Institute. Mr. Silverstein is active in community charitable and business organizations.

Our policy is for every appraisal prepared by a staff appraiser to be thoroughly reviewed, both analysis and report, by a partner and that we will conduct our business in conformity with the requirements of the Code of Ethics and the Standards of Professional Practice and Conduct of the Appraisal Institute.

To discuss your appraisal or consulting needs, contact Christopher Miner, MAI, or Robert Silverstein, MAI, MBA. All inquiries will be kept strictly confidential. Telephone: 860-443-8405

Send E-mail to chrism@msac.com or roberts@msac.com