Market Studies

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Miner & Silverstein has provided data, analysis services, GIS services and conducted market analysis individually or in partnership with others on projects from coast to coast. Clients and product types have been numerous: wellness centers, single family housing, office, retail, self-storage warehouses, marinas, condominium projects, hospitals and primary care physician practices. 

Feel free to contact us at 860-443-8405 with questions about methodology or if you have needs for:

Market analysis or market feasibility study
Other analysis studies
Data (demographic, consumer cluster, competitor, business, employment, retail sales, etc.)
Consumer or competitor surveys
GIS service bureau work
General consultation or assistance in a component of a study 

This page presents some market studies that are available for public distribution. Regretfully, we cannot publish market studies which our clients consider confidential.

The published studies were conducted for exclusive usage by the Miner & Silverstein Appraisal Company Division. They are published as a public service, with no representation of being suitable for usage by any other person or organization. Before you rely on these studies, you should call us to see if the study is appropriate for your intended use and you should properly understand the methodology. Studies from prior years cannot be compared to current versions as methodologies and participants change. We accept no responsibility for anything you may do with any information gained from our web site.

We recommend that you not distribute these studies, but rather refer interested parties to this page. These studies are replaced from time to time and errors are corrected at our discretion. The most recent version is posted and others are removed.

While we recognize that we have posted these to the internet, we ask that you acknowledge Miner & Silverstein Appraisal Company as the data source if you cite parts of the studies.  

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read these reports. 

Bridgeport-New Haven Connecticut Marina Market Survey

Clinton CT Market Study

Mystic River CT Marina Market Study

Pawcatuck River CT&RI Marina Market Study

Portland CT Marina Market Study

New London CT Office Market Study

Groton CT Retail Market Study

Westchester New York Marina Market Study