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Trying to find a business location ...? Use our "Treasure Maps"  to help you find the most profitable locations.  

Site Selection Maps for Convenience-Sensitive Businesses

Save Time – by targeting the locations that meet specified criteria.
Save Money – spend less on travel, copies and ring studies when you research fewer sites.
Save Aggravation – Higher success rate when only submitting sites in areas that have been pre-screened.
Get a Raise – Close more deals, close only winners, don’t waste resources on the marginal ones.
Works for Business-to-Business as well as Business-to-Consumer companies.

How does this happen?

We use a  company’s criteria for a successful location and provide you with a Treasure Map of a market area. The Treasure Islands are locations that meet or exceed these criteria. If you are a developer or agent and the company doesn't want to reveal their market criteria, you can still get a Treasure Map to help you. Use a code name for the business this way we can save your search criteria by this name so it will be easier when you request a Treasure Map for another geographic area. Only you will know the name and products of the business.

We can probably help you define criteria that work for the business if the marketing department has not already furnished this information. Sometimes a ranking system works well. Feel free to inquire about our data mining and sales modeling services.

We also provide competitor research. Every site selection is made in the framework of the competitors, the Pirates.

Here's an example.

Horatio is charged with locating sites for units in an MSA somewhere in the USA. Marketing wants him to find sites that match either of two criteria for their two formats. All locations must be within one mile of a turnpike exit. The two criteria are:

  1. At least 50,000 people within 5 miles and at least 15,000 people who graduated from college.
  2. At least 25,000 households within 8 miles and at least 50% of the households earning between $50,000 and $100,000/year.

Horatio puts in an order for a Treasure Map for an MSA. The locations that match his criteria are called Treasure Islands. Horatio also asks us to check our databases for potential competitors that are within 10 miles of any of the Treasure Islands. He asks us to telephone each potential competitor to see if they can be excluded from the list of direct competitors. He asks for a profile of each of the competitors that can't be excluded as a direct competitor by telephone interview. He'll visit them when he is in the area next.

In about a week, Horatio receives a 3’-wide large scale color Treasure Map that shows the MSA, Counties, Towns, Major Water Bodies, Major Roads and Interstates, and highlighted Treasure Islands that meet one of marketing's two criteria. The map also shows the pre-=screened competitors within 10 miles of any of the Treasure Islands. He also receives a Profile with the available data on these potential direct competitors (e.g., name, address, phone, contact name and title, year started, company affiliation, parent company, trade name, number of employees at the site and sales volume).

Now when Horatio goes to find sites, he only has to look for sites in the Treasure Islands shown on the Treasure Map and he only has to pay a visit to the potential Pirates that could not be eliminated through the initial telephone screening.

Smart fellow that Horatio! He's saving time and saving his company money. Further, because he only spends time on the prescreened portions of the market area, he nails more successful sites each year and has a reputation for only recommending good sites.

Here is the disclaimer - Horatio is a solid real estate person, he knows a good site when he sees it. He understands the importance of access, visibility, site design, anchors, tenant mix, signage, cannibalism, etc. The maps only help him with the things he can't easily see - the demographics, daytime population, the number of people working in different businesses, the proximity of competitors, the proximity of complementary businesses.

Sound odd? All the more reason for you to check it out. This is sophisticated stuff - used by some of the nation's most sophisticated retailers. Give us a call to see if you qualify for an introductory offer - we are looking for beta testers. We are so sure you'll get hooked on Treasure Maps, we even have a return policy.

Click to see a Sample Treasure Map.

Additional Information

Want to know more about Treasure Maps and Business Research? Review Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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