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This page displays an up-to-date listing of events and history.

July, 2003

Updated demographics to 2003 that are now based upon all releases from the 2000 census
Added Consumer Expenditure data
Added employment by type of firm

August, 2000

Launched the treasure map site.
New Clients include DJM Realty Advisors in retail, Hammes Company in healthcare.

May, 2000

Soliciting Beta Testers for e-commerce

January, 2000

Treasure Map Concept preliminary marketing

Profit Point Target Marketing Ancient History


Quick and inexpensive ring studies now offered as a new product.
Developed Surface Theory for site selection for Business to Business site selection. (e.g., use a surface to depict the cumulative or weighted transportation costs from any site to all customers or distribution centers. 
Developed a physician's primary care practice spatial interaction model. The core functionality was a module that subtracted the visits from patients being treated by physicians with closed practices from the general pool of demand. General gravity model principles were used to develop a success vs. staffing matrix for a hospital to use in making their decision on the location of a primary care practice.
Marketing Consultant for a regional theater.
Marketing consultant for wellness center operator.
Continued with wellness center client.
Continued with wellness town economic development client.
Market research for multiplex cinema in Iceland for cinema developer


Company restructure - Miner & Silverstein, LLP with two divisions: Miner & Silverstein Appraisal Company and Profit Point Target Marketing supercedes Miner & Silverstein Appraisal Company.
Continued with wellness center client.
Continued with Hotel/Motel study.
Marketing Consulting for town economic development commission - also developed a GIS for a portion of the town.
Marketing consultant for a minor league baseball team
Demand mapping for medical mall developer (Urgent and Primary Care).
Site selection support assignment from an HMO for medical demand mapping used in evaluating a community for a clinic.


CRA analysis for a bank.
Mapping project for regional economic development agency brochure.
Warehouse supply and demand study.
Developed market feasibility model for wellness center for usage throughout the USA (A Spatial Interaction Model based upon a retail gravity model.)
Demand Mapping for shopping center developer.
Hotel/motel study.
Became Value-added reseller for medical demand data.
Developed first large area site selection model based upon a proprietary Inconvenience Index - searched half the state of Connecticut from my office to find locations that would support a grocery superstore. Success - A Big Y is now in one and a Super Stop & Shop is in the another.


Miner & Silverstein Appraisal Company incorporated GIS into their analysis.
Acquired ArcView and first set of national data.


Both partners earn their MAI appraisal designations from what is now the Appraisal Institute. They pledge to follow the code of ethics of the Appraisal Institute.


Robert Silverstein & Christopher Miner formed Miner & Silverstein Appraisal Company.

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