Once a model has been developed, it can be automated and economically used to conduct Market Feasibility Analyses throughout the USA.

See Predictive Gravity Modeling

Market Analysis in Stages….

  • Use the model to forecast sales for new locations. If designed to use nationally available data, the model can be used throughout the US.
  • We have built models that offer an inexpensive "First Pass" to see if there is sufficient market demand for a new unit.
  • A "Second Pass" model would couple the demand forecast with inexpensive competitive research in a gravity model to see if the supply and demand balance are favorable.
  • If a location passes both these preliminary analyses, detailed competition and local conditions research become the foundation of a comprehensive market feasibility study.
  • The forecasted market share for each neighborhood is shown below. To forecast sales, multiply the forecasted market share by the forecasted sales potential.
Gravity Model Usage GIF

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