Once a model has been developed, it can be automated and economically used for site selection and market planning.

It's a big world let's not search all of it. We can save you time and money.

  • Use just demand data to find areas that have sufficient demand. This methodology does not account for the supply side of the equation, but is useful for market ranking.
  • Calculate only demand and identify areas that could support a project if there were no competition. Then research competitors in those select areas and do a "Large Geography Demand Allocation" analysis of the balance of supply and demand to find holes in the market or areas with the greatest feasibility potential. We program algorithms that are unique to the product of our client and the output is a map showing results of the balance of supply and demand throughout the studied area. The results can be calculated as the size of facility that can be supported, the feasibility potential relative to other places on the map, probability of securing a tenant, sales forecasts or staffing recommendations. These maps provide answers to the questions you would ask if presented with maps showing demand as colored polygons and competitors as dots. We do the "Map-Math" to provide answers for you. We are presently capable of offering these services throughout the US.
  • After specific sites are identified, a site specific analysis must be done. The Site-Specific analysis will make use of detailed competitor research and real estate considerations (access, travel patters, signage, layout, bridges, socio-economic divides, etc.
  • If your marketing department or tenant has already developed some general criteria, we can quickly find those areas that meet those criteria so site selection can proceed with confidence that marketing will find sufficient demand. See Treasure Maps
  • The "Moonscape" below shows residual demand after accounting for the presence of the competition. The "craters" show areas trending toward oversupply and the ridges and peaks show areas trending toward undersupply. This analysis is useful for finding underserved infill locations.  

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